I am a 2014 graduate of DeVry University, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Web Development and Administration. Before that, I served 5 years in the US Navy working on Top Secret communication computer systems. I also have nearly a decade of retail and customer service experience, including creating and operating a hobby business selling my own crafts and artwork. I bring technical understanding and down-to-earth problem solving to every project.



While this website serves as a great example of my work - minimalistic, mobile-first - the projects below showcase some of my other skills in web development.
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UberDreamer Website

Custom Website for our company.

Project: Website for the company my husband and I run, previously built as a custom WordPress theme, but since reverted back to static.

Timeframe: Late Fall 2016, approximately 2 months

Tools/Skills Used:

  • HTML & CSS
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript/jQuery for the different content 'pages' loading on the same page
  • PHP for original WordPress, as well as for the custom contact form

Website can be viewed here.

Screenshot of the home page of UberDreamer.tech View of the About page.

NCW Veterans website

WordPress Website featuring a Resource Directory and an Events Calendar.

Project: Resource hub website for Veterans in north central Washington state.

Timeframe: January 2018, approximately 1 month to build, updates ongoing

Tools/Skills Used:

  • HTML & CSS
  • WordPress, including installation and modification of free theme
  • WordPress plugins, including modification and customization within a child theme
  • FontAwesome for user-friendly category icons

Website can be viewed here.

Screenshot of the home page of NCWVeterans.info View of the Events Calendar page. View of the customized Directory landing page.

HITSARU Blog website

Custom WordPress blog design

Project: Minimalistic blog design using WordPress.

Timeframe: Fall 2018, less than 1 month, updates ongoing

Tools/Skills Used:

  • HTML & CSS
  • WordPress, including creation of custom theme and modification of available features

Blog can be viewed here.

Screenshot of the home page of the HITSARU blog, as seen on a smaller screen View of a single blog entry, as seen on a wider screen.

NCW Home Grants Website/Form

Mobile-first website featuring custom AJAX mailer form.

Project: Single-page website featuring custom, interactive form to collect visitors’ information and send email to multiple individuals who can assist the home-buyers.

Timeframe: Summer 2017, less than 2 months

Tools/Skills used:

  • HTML5, CSS
  • Bootstrap for flexible grid layout and form features
  • JavaScript, jQuery, & AJAX for the interactivity of the form [loading one question at a time with bi-directional navigation buttons]
  • PHP to validate and sanitize input from the user, then generate and send multiple emails

Website is no longer live for online viewing. However, please review the screenshots of the project below, and check out the Repo on Bitbucket for the code.

Screenshot of the NCW Home Grants website and form at width approx 800px. Lower portion of the NCW Home Grants form.

Feed the Snake game

Browser-based game utilizing HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript/jQuery.

Project: Browser-based “feed the snake” style game based on a project from an HTML5 course on Udemy

Timeframe: Originally built Spring 2015 / Additions including Pause functionality in 2017 / currently adding global scoreboard in early 2019

Tools/Skills used:

  • HTML5, particularly the Canvas element
  • CSS
  • JavaScript & jQuery to draw on the canvas and respond to user keyboard inputs for controlling the snake’s direction
  • Local Storage for recording the user’s high score
  • PHP, MySQL, and AJAX for global scoreboard functionality

Check out the game here

Screenshot of the snake game in action. Display at end of game.

Steinberg Law website

WordPress Website for a local lawyer.

Project: Website for a local lawyer; under contract from DataWeb Programming

Timeframe: Fall 2014, approximately 2 months

Tools/Skills Used:

  • HTML & CSS
  • WordPress, including installation and modification of paid theme
  • RapidImport for Bankruptcy Questionnaire integration
  • PHP to adjust some functionality in the theme

Website can be viewed here.

Screenshot of the home page of NCWLaw.com One of multiple custom forms integrated into the site.

FIRG application

Custom web application utilizing PHP/MySQL as well as Bootstrap HTML/CSS

Project: Custom web application utilizing a database to store information sheets that can be pieced together to compile a complete report as needed; with assistance and guidance from Renee of DataWeb Programming.

Timeframe: Sept-Oct 2015, 2 months

Tools/Skills used:

  • HTML5 & CSS
  • Bootstrap free dashboard theme
  • PHP
  • MySQL database
  • TinyMCS plugin

Website is private and cannot be viewed online. However, please review some screenshots of the project below, and check out the Repo on Bitbucket for the code.

Home page of the FIRG application The form for the user to add or edit Food Intolerance sheets in the database. The form used to compile individual sheets into a final report.

Tally Counter application

Custom JavaScript/jQuery counter application for the Tally Counter Store website

Project: Browser-based tally counter application for The Tally Counter Store, under contract from DataWeb Programming. Required multiple counter functionality, with the ability to rename and reset each counter separately.

Timeframe: July 2015, less than 1 month

Tools/Skills used:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript & jQuery for all tally counter functionalities, and to clone the counter while making each counter work independently

Give the counter a try.

Final tally counter design

The best way to reach me is through one of my many social media channels (linked above). However, my inbox is always open, should you prefer a more direct method. Whether you have a project request or an employment opportunity, I look forward to speaking with you.

My email address is simply this domain with an at symbol in place of the first dot. There's a PGP key for me out there as well, if you're interested.