Connie ‘Sunfire’ Hill, Web Developer
Security, Accessibility, Sustainability

I am a lot of things: a hippy at heart, a professional pedestrian, a barefoot enthusiast, a US Navy veteran, a volunteer, an organizer, a crafter, a doer, a helper, a wife and friend. But to pay the bills, I'm a Web Developer.

What sets me apart from my peers is that I try to build my websites and applications with security and accessibility from inception, meaning that these two elements are present in all of the design, development, testing, and other decision-making considerations involved.

About Me

I am a 2014 graduate of DeVry University, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Web Development and Administration. Before that, I served 5 years in the US Navy working on Top Secret communication computer systems. I also have nearly a decade of retail and customer service experience, including creating and operating a hobby business selling my own crafts and artwork. I bring technical understanding and down-to-earth problem solving to every project. My curent focus is on accessibility (#a11y) and security, and how to integrate them into every project from inception.


While I am proficient with editing and managing WordPress websites (particularly with regards to security), I enjoy the more hands-on approach of building and customizing non-CMS websites using the JAM stack. Each new project allows me a new opportunity to practice writing semantic HTML and CSS, focus on creating an Accessible design, and limit the use of Javascript.

You can see my past projects at LinkedIn as well as Upwork .


When I'm not immersed in code, I've been known to volunteer a bit with the Veteran (see: North Central Washington Veterans and VFW Post 3617 ) community in my area. I'm also a proponent of barefooting, Nerd Manicures (affiliate link) , and Arctic Fox haircolor. And I'm known for being a Professional Pedestrian who fully supports personal expression.


Interested in working on something together? Feel free to reach out. Send a message to with the subject line "Saw your site"; alternatively you can invite me to your open job posting on Upwork.